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who sees in sound

poetry and images by
Eleni Sikelianos and Elizabeth Duffy

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Elizabeth Duffy, Eleni Sikelianos Wearing at the Providence Natural History Museum, 2023.

Editor’s note: Press play to listen to Eleni Sikelianos read “who sees in sound,” from her 2023 book Your Kingdom. Poetry can be both a visual an auditory medium; doubly so as her poem is accompanied by friend and collaborator Elizabeth Duffy’s photographs. Sikelianos wears a dress made especially for her, from Duffy’s Wearing series, which explores time, lineage, skin(s); themes intrinsic to both of their work. Read more about Wearing, here.



who sees in sound 


We came to think we 

’d thought everything 

then we knew we 


& we didn’t 

& we wouldn’t 

for other animals 

had thought other 

things & there was 

no way of knowing 

or thinking what 

these things were 


how a crab cerebrates 

   a hardened harried escape 

        across sands damp with night & 

had a grackle recongressed its torn skin & kin 

    its kind on unvertiginous grasses earthbound 

all albatrosses deduced aerodynamic efficiency in adjacent air 

if you tap two pebbles together can you tell 

how deep the cave is if you were a bat you’d do it 

in a throat-squeeze, tongue-click 

staring a rock in the face & the rock 

is staring you back, rocks 

become you, worn 

lightly, your rock- 


face, gold & gray 



Elizabeth Duffy, Eleni with Two Shields, Wearing, 2023.

Elizabeth Duffy, Eleni Unraveling, Wearing, 2023.

Elizabeth Duffy, Eleni Seated, Wearing, 2023.

Elizabeth Duffy, Eleni with Thread, Wearing, 2023.