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Opening Reception & Mini-Symposium: Wednesday

Classic Beauty: 21st-Century Artists on Ancient [Greek] Form

Vivian Greven "(", 2018. Photo credit: Scott Alario

Installation view of works by Shari Mendelson and Matthew Craven. Photo credit: Scott Alario

Installation view of works by Matthew Craven, Lucy Kim and Daniel G. Baird. Photo credit: Scott Alario

Installation view of works by Ruby Sky Stiler and Shari Mendelson. Photo credit: Scott Alario

Installation view of works by David Ross Harper and Vivian Greven. Photo credit: Scott Alario

Installation view of works by Vivian Greven and David Ross Harper. Photo credit: Scott Alario

Installation view of work by Kirstin Lamb. Photo credit: Scott Alario

Classic Beauty: 21st- Century Artists on Ancient [Greek] Form examines how ancient, antique and classical forms remain crucial to contemporary artists’ creative lexicon. Establishing the visual traditions of Ancient Greece—Archaic, Geometric, Hellenistic and Classical styles—as ever-evolving and fluid, this group exhibition presents artists who use art history, archaeology, materiality and wide-ranging research methods to repurpose particularly iconic elements of visual culture. With a broad range of artworks across a variety of mediums—including architectural objects, collage, ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation—each artist demonstrates the continued relevance and complexity of the legacy of the socalled birthplace of Western Civilization.

The exhibition also examines how artists appropriate and manipulate antiquity. Multi-layered projects trace the ways Ancient Greece visually descends through Gothic, Renaissance, Neo-Classical, Art Deco and other Euro-centric artistic periods, while also emphasizing the influence of non-Western cultures of the ancient Near East, Northern Africa and East Asia. With the additional inclusion of references to contemporary phenomena, the artworks on view simultaneously homage and challenge the truthfulness of the visual legacy of Ancient Greece, especially as it is expressed in modern Western democratic societies.

Artists include Robert Andrade, Daniel Baird, Lakela Brown, Matthew Craven, Vivian Greven, Molly Kaderka, Lucy Kim, Kirstin Lamb, Shari Mendelson, David Ross Harper and Ruby Sky Stiler.

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