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Big Red & Shiny: On the Wall: Assaf Evron

June 13, 2017


June 13, 2017

I remember many discussions from my time in art school about the “conventions of the gallery” and it’ white-walled, white-pedestalled attempts at non-architecture. With this consideration, the “white cube,” it is perhaps an odd choice for a show about architecture. On the other hand, it could be the most natural place as if the supposed blank slate were the only way to look at the history and forms of architectures past would be to negate the architecture currently inhabited.

In On the Wall: Assaf Evron at Providence College, Evron takes on the space of the gallery and its conceits head on. The exhibition is paired with a display of historical photos, recently acquired by the college, of sites in what is now Israel. Evron studied in and continues to live in Israel. His work draws directly on the architectural history of the region presented in this sister show. The geometric patterns applied to the walls are photographs Evron took while visiting the region’s quarries. The tiled, vinyl artworks attempt to balance both the architecture of the past with the sterile cliche of the white cube gallery space.