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GoLocalProv: Inside Art with Michael Rose – The Interlace Grant Fund Buoys Local Artists

September 29, 2021


Artists do not live by praise alone. Although things like positive social media engagement and other exposure can serve as important elements of an artists’ career, they do not pay the bills. Money does. Individual patronage of artists is one way of supporting them, and grantmaking is another. Over the course of the pandemic, the Interlace Grant Fund has done the important work of putting money directly into the hands of local artists to buoy them during this turbulent period. Interlace, which is jointly administered by two Providence art organizations, is a fine example of what collaboration can do for artists and for the broader community.

The Interlace Grant Fund is the product of a partnership underwritten by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and administered by long-standing local institutions, Dirt Palace Public Projects and Providence College Galleries. The result of an expansion of the Warhol Foundation’s regional regranting program, Interlace was founded in 2020 and has poured thousands of dollars into the local arts community in a way that aims to be accessible and equitable. The first year of the program saw Interlace distribute 114 emergency grants in the amount of $575 each, totaling over $65,000 in assistance to area artists.