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About My HomeCourt

Image: Overhead view of the finished court mural designed by artist Andrea Bergart and curated by Kate McNamara for My HomeCourt 2020. Courtesy: Off The Ground Drone Services.

About My HomeCourt

Collaborators: My HomeCourt Nonprofit, Providence Parks

Collaboration Overview

My HomeCourt is an annual initiative that fosters community engagement through the revitalization of basketball courts and city parks facilitated by cutting-edge contemporary art. Every year, a Providence park with an outdoor, public basketball court is selected for renovation. Providence College Galleries then commissions an internationally renowned artist to design a ground mural for that court. The annual project culminates with the opening of a refreshed basketball court and large-scale colorful artwork to the community.

All My HomeCourt projects are curated by PCG staff and co-produced with Providence Parks and the My HomeCourt nonprofit, which is founded and supported by Providence College alumni and friends. Crucial support and help are provided by a rotating group of various community organizations, public and private funders, sponsors, partners, individual volunteers, and Providence College students, faculty, staff, and other alumni.

For information about individual My HomeCourt projects, please visit Collaborations → Upcoming, Current, or Past.

Murals on Campus and Beyond

PCG is committed to murals in more ways than one. In 2014, PCG began an annual exhibition series called On the Wall, which commissions large-scale artworks applied directly to the walls of the Reilly gallery. The series is presented as part of an interdisciplinary initiative at the College to explore rich cultural traditions surrounding murals and to develop new scholarship around the mural as a conceptual art form. When in 2018, PCG staff helped launch My HomeCourt, the curation of public art murals for outdoor basketball courts perfectly fit into long-term research and overarching goals to cultivate and study the mural in a contemporary art context.

My HomeCourt Limited Edition Art & Swag

Once the My HomeCourt mural is complete, PCG and the My HomeCourt nonprofit don’t quit the artist. The two organizations keep the conversation going by making a long-term commitment to the artist’s work and vision. After artist Jim Drain designed the mural artwork for the inaugural My HomeCourt project, PCG and MHC jointly commissioned him once again. To commemorate the project, Drain then worked for several months to create a limited-edition, fine-art lithograph. Titled Triple Dribble, the lithograph remixes and riffs off Drain’s court mural design to feature spectral hues, tessellating forms, and iridescent overlays. PC–G and MHC is similarly working with My HomeCourt 2019 artists Joiri Minaya and Jordan Seaberry on limited-edition artworks inspired by the murals they created for Harriet & Sayles Park. The artists keep several prints for their own archives, while PCG and MHC create a marketplace for the others to raise funds for future My HomeCourt projects.

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About Our Collaborators

City of Providence Parks Department

Providence Parks empowers the people of Providence to engage with their public spaces and improve collective well-being. In addition to maintaining and programming dozens of local sites, Providence Parks works with city departments, organizations and residents to help activate and revitalize public spaces including parks, recreation centers, and streetscapes.

Providence Parks Leadership

Jorge O. Elorza, Mayor of the City of Providence
Wendy Nilsson, Superintendent of Parks & Recreation for the City of Providence
Brian Byrnes, Deputy Superintendent of Parks & Recreation for the City of Providence

My HomeCourt nonProfit

In 2018, a group of Providence College alumni set out to renovate an outdoor basketball court as a community service project. Working with Providence Parks, they selected the courts at Fargnoli Park in Providence’s Elmhurst neighborhood. They invited Providence College Galleries to conceive of and curate the courts as a large-scale artwork. Together, the alumni, Providence Parks, and Providence College Galleries raised nearly $75,000.

They then resurfaced the courts, repaired and replaced all necessary equipment, and commissioned Providence artist Jim Drain to create giant, abstractly patterned mural designs to be painted on the court surface. That October, the first My HomeCourt project opened to the public.

Following its success, this group of collaborators formed the My HomeCourt [MHC] nonprofit, an organization that oversees each My HomeCourt project. In an annual collaboration with Providence College Galleries, Providence Parks, and various public and private partners, MHC renovates a tired outdoor basketball court so that internationally-recognized contemporary artists can transform the court into colorful, living works of art. MHC is born out of the idea that we all have our own homecourt; it is the place to play ball, build friendships, find safety and refuge from the chaos beyond the park fences. We believe that revitalizing basketball courts empowers the very people who utilize them. The renewed courts become public artworks and inspire the community, neighborhood, and city alike.

Board Members and Staff for the My HomeCourt nonprofit

Jamilee Lacy, Founding Board Member, is Director and Chief Curator of Providence College Galleries.

Kate McNamara, Ex Officio Board Member, is Curator-at-Large of Providence College Galleries and Executive Director of the My HomeCourt Nonprofit.

Eric ‘Pete’ Peterson, Founding Board Member and President, is an executive and 1986 graduate of Providence College.

Theresa Peterson, Founding Board Member and Vice President, is a freelance technical writer and 1989 graduate of Providence College.

Harold Starks, Co-Founding Board Member and Treasurer, is Coordinator of Student-Athlete Mentoring and Athletic Alumni Events at Providence College Athletics and a 1986 graduate of Providence College.

To learn more about the My HomeCourt nonprofit, visit