Artist Talk & Public Reception: Wednesday

Katarina Burin: Irrational Attachments

Katarina Burin "Planter for Creeping Time, July or August, probably 1978", 2019
Cement, Thyme plants, plexiglass, masonite, digital image

A solo exhibition by Cambridge and New York-based artist Katarina Burin. Using a variety of sources and techniques—from sculpture and spatial interventions to historical fiction conveyed with mixed media visual art and text—she explores the ways modernism has profoundly influenced the built environment, especially that of Central and Eastern Europe.

Featuring entirely new work, Irrational Attachments includes models, assemblages and sculptural objects informed by the architecture and infrastructure of public spaces of the former Eastern Bloc. Positioned throughout the gallery, concrete fragments make up tableaus of furniture-like anti-monuments, or in the artist’s words “monuments to the banal.” Form blurs with function. Inscriptions of language meet pure abstraction. Smooth concrete surfaces abut natural terrain, as bits of greenery peek out to show signs of life in an otherwise abandoned scene. Referencing architectural and design histories, photographic documentation and her own memories, Burin accumulates these elements into a total artwork reminiscent of plazas common in former Soviet Bloc countries.

Curated by Jamilee Lacy, Director and Chief Curator of PC–G.

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