Reilly Gallery, Smith Center for the Arts

Public Reception: Thursday
6pm–8 PM

Clement Valla: Parallel Lines on a Freeform Surface

Clement Valla, "XYZ," 2016. Digital rendering. Courtesy the artist.

Clement Valla, "Blue Blox," 2016. Digital rendering. Courtesy the artist.

The narrative of art history includes many artists who have reflexively looked at sites where art and exhibitions are made. The studio, the workshop, and the gallery space have all been taken as sources of inspiration for image and art making. In this age of post-studio practice—when the studio is a laptop computer—the physicality of such sites has become somewhat illusive.

Considering this narrative past and present within the context of his own artistic production using computer-based picture-producing apparatuses, Valla combines the technical and conceptual traditions of architectural drawing, perspectival painting, map-making and photography to propose a new hybrid: non-perspective photographs at a 1:1 scale that unfold, measure and order three dimensionality according to the two-dimensional logic of image design. Each photograph reexamines art-related spaces and tools, including those of PC–G’s own Reilly Gallery, as subject, presenting digital reconstructions that document, restructure and otherwise invoke the functionality of things and places for making and viewing art.


This exhibition is presented in conjunction Providence College’s Centennial.

It is generously supported by the Art & Art History Department at Providence College.

Conjunctive Artist Talk:
6 PM, Thursday, December 1
Reilly Gallery

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