Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Chicago, Illinois

Public Reception: Sunday
12pm–3 PM

PC–G in Chicago: [Old/New] Psychedelic Providence

James Janecek, "Untitled," 2016, unique intaglio print, 22 x 30 inches. Courtesy the artist.

Heather McPherson, "The Movies," 2014-2015, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 66 x 72 inches. Courtesy the artist.

Elizabeth Corkery, "Pink Orange Florals," hand-pulled four-color screenprint, 22 x 15 inches. Courtesy the artist.

[Old/New] Psychedelic Providence
highlights current manifestations of the psychedelic in the productions of artists living and working in Providence, Rhode Island today. Some iterations involve the typical combination of kaleidoscopic color, intricate rendering and sharply delineated layouts. Still abound are references to Op Art, craft, pop, counterculture and sci-fi ambience. Trippy landscapes allude to the prevalence of the city’s motley mix of Victorian tradition and scenery. Un-stereotypical references to drugs and party culture pop up every once in a while, too. But graphic form and streamlined composition come together in ways they have not before. There is less visual overload, fewer references to collected display and cultural otherness, and more sensitivity towards repetition. The artists in this exhibition restrain the wildest of ways into compact arrangements. They organize dreamy surreal-ness into tight units and orderly editions, suggesting that the psychedelic, while inspirationally boundless, needs some limits… even in psychedelic Providence.


Elizabeth Corkery
Theresa Ganz
James Janecek
Graham McDougal
Heather Leigh McPherson
Nadia Haji Omar
Bayne Peterson

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