Hunt-Cavanagh & Reilly Galleries

Public Reception: Thursday
5 PM

2015 – 2016 Exhibition Season

Many Cities, One Providence—Mexico City
Spectacular Vernacular
September 3 – October 10, 2015
Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery

Mexico City: Spectacular Vernacular, a group show featuring projects by José Arnaud-Bello, Pia Camil and Ramiro Chaves, brings to Providence College—Galleries three artists’ explorations of Mexico City, each demonstrating the rich visual vocabulary of traditional folklore and contemporary culture in Mexico’s capital city.

Why Be(e) Collective: Praesepe
September 3 – October 10, 2015
Reilly Gallery

Praesepe, why be/e collective’s Tyler Budge and Sara Young’s new site-specific installation for Providence College— Galleries, uses the organizing principles of the beehive to explore contemporary notions of collectivity, cooperation and personal versus communal creation.

A Sign Only Has to Serve as a Sign
October 28 – December 12, 2015
Hunt-Cavanagh & Reilly Galleries

A Sign Only Has to Serve as a Sign is an exhibition featuring contemporary artists who merge fine and conceptual art methods with sign making, text, advertising, activism and socio-political commentary. The exhibition includes a site-specific presentation by Providence Painted Signs in Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery, and a group show in Reilly Gallery, including artists Alberto Aguilar (Chicago); Joe Amrhein (Brooklyn), Andrea Bowers (Los Angeles); Brandt Brinkerhoff & Katherine Walker (Chicago/San Francisco); Archie Scott Gobber (Kansas City); Steve Lambert (Beacon, NY); Jeremy Lundquist (Minneapolis); Eric May (Chicago); Patrick Martinez (Los Angeles); and Providence Painted Signs (Providence).

Amy Beecher: tbh
January 20 – February 26, 2016
Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery

Amy Beecher’s “tbh” is a solo exhibition matching the presentational realms of comedy and theatre with sculptural and photographic installation. With this ambitious installation, Beecher positions the exhibition space as a place somewhere between pristine white-cube gallery and dark comedy club basement.

Good and Long Looks
January 20 – February 26, 2016
Reilly Gallery

“Good and Long Looks” presents photographic and time-based artworks by four artists who offer prismatic vantage points into the suspension and attenuation of time. With filmic and photographic works, artists Academy Records, Barry Anderson, Georgie Friedman and Liisa Lounila use poetic and compositional gestures to take good and long looks at changing horizon lines and natural forms.

Student Exhibitions
March 12 – July 31, 2016
Hunt-Cavanagh & Reilly Galleries

An annual tradition, PC​—G mounts a series of student exhibitions by graduating seniors, including solo thesis exhibitions and a best of show by Studio Art majors. Student artists this year included majors Chrissy Casavant, Anna Hayes, Jenna Lavallee and Kaelynn Maloney.

On the Wall: Paul Anthony Smith
April 28 – July 31, 2016
Reilly Gallery

As the commissioned artist for the second annual On the Wall exhibition at PC​—G, Smith presents a large-scale photographic installation collaged directly on the walls of the Reilly Gallery in the Smith Center for the Arts. The installation comprises of a huge selection of 4 x 6 inch snapshots from the artist’s personal collection of images in and around Jamaica and beyond, treated with elements of his signature cinderblock patterning technique and iconic mango yellow color palette.

Partial support for PC—G's 2015 - 2016 exhibition season and its programs provided by the Art & Art History Department at Providence College, Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, the ADDD Fund administered by The Rhode Island Foundation and Rhode Island State Council for the Arts.

MxC SV_1
Installation view of “Mexico City: Spectacular Vernacular” at Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery.

Why Bee tubes
Detail of why be/e collective’s “Praesepe” at Reilly Gallery.

Installation view of group exhibition as part of “A Sign Only Has to Serve as a Sign” in Reilly Gallery.

Andrea Bowers, "Educate, Agitate, Organize," 2010, low voltage LED lights, Plexi-glass and aluminum. Courtesy the artist and Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York.
Andrea Bowers, “Educate, Agitate, Organize,” 2010, low voltage LED lights,
Plexi-glass and aluminum. Image courtesy the artist and Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York.

Detail of Providence Painted Signs’ “Atkinson Reproduced (Quickly in Ink)” as part of “A Sign Only Has to Serve as a Sign” in Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery.

Barry Anderson, Ice Bone [22], 2013, C-print on Plexiglass.

Installation view of "Amy Beecher: tbh" in Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery.

Installation view of "On the Wall: Paul Anthony Smith" in Reilly Gallery.