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PC-G’s New Website and Blog: WWWWH

PC-G's What/When/Where/Why/How Blog gives glimpses of behind-the-scenes perspectives and original content generated by PC—G's staff, student workers, visiting artists and scholars.

Jamilee Lacy
Director and Curator
Providence College—Galleries

Welcome to WWWWH, the new Providence College—Galleries (PC-G) blog! We’re thrilled you’re here. WWWWH is the spot to engage with PC-G in an up-close and digital way: Here you’ll find behind-the-scenes information like in-progress installation photos and videos, interviews with and essays by contemporary artists, curators, writers and other guests, and all kinds of original, gallery-related content generated by staff, students, visiting artists, scholars and more.

So, what has PC-G been up to since we closed the last of our 2015-2016 exhibitions? You may have read snippets here and on Facebook and Instagram. But I thought I’d give you a wider view. We’ve been doing loads or research, studio visits and general preparations for our upcoming season, which has been curated in conjunction with Providence College’s Centennial (Happy 100th to PC!). We’ve also been working on new initiatives, including some traveling and online exhibitions, collaborative public programs, and, of course, this beautiful new Google Brand Studio-designed website that we’ve slowly been rolling out since last spring.

But more than new programming initiatives, we’ve been discussing and debating the future of PC-G. How can we do what we’ve done well in the past, but in a more meaningful way? How can we better connect with people and connect them to each other, to PC students, to the artworld at-large? We’ll use WWWWH as a space to share with you some of the influences on this process. And let me tell you: WWWWH is crucial: not only is this blog is the pipeline to PC-G, it will demonstrate our commitment to educate, to de-mystify the work of living artists and arts professionals, and to debate contemporary art and its display.  In this regard, I’ll be back on this blog in the coming months to give you details on the inclusive, collaboratively participatory, interdisciplinary, experimental and super-fun PC-G we envision.

Jamilee Lacy
Director and Curator of PC-G


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